Personalized Smile Makeovers with Digital Smile Design

What Is Digital Smile Design?

At Advanced Dental Health in Hunt Valley, we are committed to providing our patients with the most advanced, cutting-edge technology to improve the patient experience. With Digital Smile Design (DSD) we can take out the “guesswork” in developing a treatment plan for a cosmetic dentistry procedure or a complete smile makeover. This revolutionary, comprehensive imaging and model program allows patients to become active participants in their smile makeover journey.

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What Are The Benefits Of Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design makes it possible for the procedure you choose to match your goals precisely. By working with Drs. Izadi and Rafat and knowing what to expect, many of our patients report benefits such as:

  • High satisfaction with their new smile
  • Truly customized results – no two smile designs are exactly alike
  • A natural look that complements overall appearance
  • Increased confidence throughout the treatment process
  • Multidisciplinary approach preserves health and hygiene

DSD uses digital imaging and videos to analyze the key features of a patient and better understand the relationship of the teeth, gums, lips, and face in motion.

DSD aims to accomplish three key concepts:

  • Create a more collaborative process for the treatment planning phase and smile design process
  • Enhance the communication efforts between dentist and patient
  • Build a smile that exceeds the patient’s expectations

What to Expect With A Digital Smile Design

  • We start all our aesthetic consultations with a careful analysis of the patient’s facial and dental characteristics. We then begin to design by looking at the whole picture, incorporating personality, facial features, dental analysis, and treatment goals. This design is then transformed into a treatment plan that integrates biology, structure, and function in order to achieve longevity.
  • We design using videos, photography, X-rays, and 3D imagery, and we can simulate the outcome of every case, prior to beginning treatment, by creating before-and-after videos for each patient.
  • We use visual communication with our patients, showing them the final result and how they would look in a way that is simple and easy for anyone to understand.

If you are satisfied with your mockup, Drs. Izadi and Rafat will begin your treatment using the information from the Digital Smile Design process.