Dental Anxiety Hunt Valley, MD

Avoiding the dentist due to dental anxiety or fear is one of the most common reasons for poor oral health among adults. Routine dental care is the foundation of long-term oral health maintenance and can help patients avoid the development of complex dental problems.

Drs. Rafat and Izadi work with anxious and fearful patients to help them restore and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile through personalized dental care and a compassionate approach. We take the time to discuss your concerns, fears, and previous dental experiences in an effort to help you identify the source of your stress.

For many patients, gaining a more comprehensive understanding of what they can expect during treatment helps alleviate anxiety. This can allow them to feel more confident in the dentist chair.

We want our patients to feel that they are a partner in their dental care and to understand all aspects of their treatment, including expected outcomes. – Dr. Rafat

Dental Sedation in Hunt Valley, MD

Advanced Dental Health offers dental sedation for patients who experience anxiety, would like to be relaxed during treatment, or who may need an invasive procedure to address severe dental problems. Dr. Rafat is one of few local dentists certified in IV sedation.

We offer a full range of conscious sedation options and will go over your medical history to ensure that your sedation experience is safe and effective. Learn about some of the dental sedation options we can administer below.

Oral sedation

We can prescribe an oral sedative that is often taken at home prior to your dental appointment. Oral sedation will require you to arrange for transportation to and from your appointment.

Nitrous Oxide

Inhaled through a tiny cannula placed beneath the nose, Nitrous Oxide takes effect and wears off almost immediately for most patients. It is an odorless gas commonly known as laughing gas. It is safe to administer to patients of all ages.

You may experience euphoria while under nitrous oxide. You may also feel drowsy and teeter between awake and asleep. Our certified dental care team will be with you every step of the way to make sure you are completely comfortable.

IV sedation

IV sedation is injected into your body and enters the bloodstream rather quickly. It is administered in the comfort of our office by a trained and certified dentist. Even though it is sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry, it will not put you completely to sleep. We monitor and adjust throughout treatment to maintain your level of comfort.

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Sedation dentistry is often the perfect solution for a patient who is suffering from both dental anxiety and poor oral health as a result. Used effectively, conscious sedation can allow us to perform more than one procedure while you are completely relaxed and feeling stress-free.

If you would like to learn more about dental sedation options, how we can help you restore your smile, and the benefits of good dental health, schedule a visit with us in our Baltimore area dental office. Our personalized care and patient-focused dental office are intended and designed to put you at ease during your visits.