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Transform your smile with BioClear Restorations.

Unwanted black triangle gaps between the teeth can age the appearance of your smile. These spaces often collect debris, making it an ideal breeding ground for plaque build-up, bad breath, and more issues. If left untreated this may result in gum line recession, periodontal disease, and other complications.

At Advanced Dental Health, we offer a full range of cosmetic solutions to repair gapped teeth and other cosmetic concerns with BioClear Restorations. BioClear is a minimally invasive treatment that delivers long-lasting, beautiful results.

Advanced Dental Health is a full-service dental facility in Baltimore County. Dr.Izadi, Dr. Rafat, and our team are dedicated to providing our patients with the leading, most advanced solutions that dentistry has to offer. We work with you to evaluate your needs and build a treatment plan that is specific to your goals.

What Are BioClear Restorations?

bioclear dental restorations in Hunt Valley Maryland

Traditionally, dentists address black triangles with porcelain veneers, which require dentists to remove tooth structure from the affected teeth. However, with advancements in dental care, dentists are now able to preserve much more of the natural tooth structure using treatments like BioClear.

BioClear is a minimally-invasive process that can eliminate black triangles. If you are not ready for veneers or dental crowns, then this option is perfect for you. With this revolutionary process, we can make your smile look younger and healthier than ever before.

This process adds structure to the teeth rather than removing it, creating a more efficient way to address gaps between the teeth. Often seen as a more cost-effective, conservative approach to dental veneers, BioClear restorations are becoming one of the leading solutions for patients seeking a smile makeover.

BioClear utilizes composite resin to restore or add tooth structure where desired. The best part is that this process is reversible. Unlike porcelain veneers, BioClear can be completely removed to place a more permanent restoration if desired.

Benefits of BioClear:

  • Preserves much more of the natural tooth structure
  • Can be completed in one office visit
  • Blends seamlessly with the existing teeth
  • May be used in coordination with Invisalign treatment to create a beautiful, seamless smile

Is BioClear Right For You?

BioClear restoration can be used to replace traditional dental veneers, dental crowns, and dental fillings. For patients seeking a more conservative solution for their dental concerns, we may recommend BioClear restorations whenever applicable. For patients with an inadequate amount of bone structure, you may not be an ideal candidate for BioClear.

The BioClear technique utilizes injectable composite resin that quickly adheres to the surface of the affected tooth. It can be used to close gaps between teeth, correct the appearance of a crooked tooth, and address chips and cracks.

The restoration will look very natural as BioClear can be easily color-matched to blend in with your existing teeth.

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BioClear FAQs

How long does BioClear last?

As long as it’s taken care of properly, BioClear can last around 10 years. Depending on how well it’s taken care of, that time can be longer or shorter.

Is BioClear reversible?

One of the biggest benefits of BioClear is that it’s completely removable. If you decide that you want to go with a more permanent restoration or decide you’re ready for something else. There’s no permanent changing of the tooth structure, as with traditional veneers, so it’s easy to reverse.

Does BioClear hurt?

Since it’s non-invasive, BioClear doesn’t hurt at all. You don’t have discomfort from removing any tooth structure. The BioClear material is warmed up enough to flow, but it isn’t hot enough to cause any discomfort.