Dental Concerns Hunt Valley, MD

A healthy, comfortable, and stable smile plays a key role in the enjoyment of the best possible quality of life. The state of your oral health can have an impact on your overall health and well-being in a variety of ways, from minimizing the risk of developing certain diseases to enabling a varied diet and confident interaction in both social and professional settings. Advanced Dental Health is committed to helping patients identify and address dental concerns and problems that can threaten their quality of life or restore their smile for improving it.

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Why Visit the Dentist?

Regular preventive dental care and a good daily oral hygiene routine at home serve as the pillars of long-term dental health. Together they can help you avoid complex issues related to the health and function of your smile. Stable oral health supports your physical well-being, minimizing the impact of harmful bacteria on the body.

Routine visits also provide the opportunity to spot developing concerns in the early stages when conservative treatment measures can be offered. At our associate office, Valley Dental Health, located adjacent to Advanced Dental Health, we offer comprehensive general dental care for all ages for the lifelong maintenance of your smile.

If you have been suffering from dental problems that impact the health, comfort, and function of your smile, Advanced Dental Health can work with you to find the right smile solutions. From tooth damage to tooth loss, we can meet your needs in one convenient location with dental care that is personalized and tailored to your needs and goals.

Learn more about common dental health concerns we can address:

Are you missing teeth?

Drs. Rafat and Izadi offer the latest techniques, quality materials, and experienced care for the replacement of missing teeth. From bridges to implant dentistry, we can restore your smile and improve your quality of life. Dr. Rafat is a trained periodontist and a leading area dentist for the placement of all types of dental implants.

Do you have crooked teeth?

Dr. Izadi is an award-winning Invisalign provider and can straighten your smile with the convenience of clear braces. We also offer comprehensive cosmetic and restorative dental treatments to address the appearance of crooked teeth.

Are your teeth chipped, cracked, or broken?

Damaged teeth can impact the aesthetics, health, and function of your smile. It is important to address tooth damage as soon as possible to avoid further damage or even tooth loss. We offer comprehensive evaluation and dental care for the treatment of chipped and broken teeth so that you can smile with confidence.

Are you afraid of the dentist?

Dental fear and dental anxiety can lead to poor oral health over time, compromising your overall health and your quality of life. Dr. Rafat is certified in IV sedation and our office provides oral sedation and Nitrous Oxide so that anxious patients can receive the care they need and desire while feeling relaxed.

Do you need a second opinion?

When faced with the need for extensive restorative dental care, making the right choice for your needs, goals, and budget can often seem overwhelming. Advanced Dental Care in Hunt Valley can provide the convenience of complete care under one roof and the benefit of experienced dentistry. Drs. Rafat and Izadi can offer a second opinion on restorative or cosmetic treatment plans for your consideration.