Cosmetic Dentistry Hunt Valley, MD

Designing, Planning, and Building Beautiful Smiles

Dr. Ashley Izadi and Dr. Roham Rafat of Advanced Dental Health in Hunt Valley have many years of dental experience and use their expertise to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed about. Our Baltimore County dental office has the latest dental technology, an experienced dental care team, and comfortable amenities to enhance the patient experience.

We believe exceptional cosmetic dentistry is not a one size fits all industry. By incorporating advanced technology and undergoing continuous education, our team of dentists is able to offer patients the best that dental care has to offer. We take a personalized, comprehensive approach to cosmetic dentistry in hopes that patients can achieve the smile makeover they’ve always wanted.

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Premier Cosmetic Dentist in Baltimore, MD

Advanced Dental Health offers a full range of state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry services tailored to meet each patient’s needs. With a personalized smile makeover, you can make subtle or dramatic changes to your smile.

Most patients would be surprised by what small changes can do to their existing smiles. We take a comprehensive approach to our cosmetic dentistry treatment to ensure the best possible outcome. We use only the highest quality materials and conservative methods to help you achieve a beautiful smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services Offered:

Our approach to cosmetic dentistry is rooted in building beautiful, functional smiles that are designed to last a lifetime. By choosing Advanced Dental Health as your preferred partner in your smile makeover journey, you are guaranteed modern technology, exceptional results, and the ultimate patient experience.

Take A Digital Approach To Dental Care: Digital Smile Design

digital smile design hunt valley md

At Hunt Valley Dental, we provide our patients with the most advanced, cutting-edge technology to improve the patient experience. With Digital Smile Design (DSD), we can take out the “guesswork” in developing a treatment plan for a cosmetic dentistry procedure.

This revolutionary, comprehensive imaging and model program allows patients to participate actively in their smile makeover journey.

Benefits of Digital Smile Design:

  • Increases the chance of reaching your ideal smile and limits the chance of error
  • You can “try on” your new smile and approve it before any cosmetic or restorative work is complete
  • Impressions and digital imaging allow you to see your projected results

DSD uses digital imaging and videos to analyze the key features of a patient and better understand the relationship between the teeth, gums, lips, and face in motion.  DSD aims to accomplish three key concepts:

  • Create a more collaborative process for the treatment planning phase and smile design process
  • Enhance the communication efforts between the dentist and patient
  • Build a smile that exceeds the patient’s expectations

Not only do patients want a beautiful smile, but they also want a smile designed to fit their personality and facial features and made to last. DSD allows our team to give our patients the smile of their dreams. With DSD, we can create simulations and mockups of your smile during different phases of treatment.

By visualizing the projected smile, patients can better understand their treatment. We can then give better insight into what would give you the best possible outcome.

If you are satisfied with your mockup, Drs. Izadi and Rafat will begin your treatment using the Digital Smile Design process information.

Ready For A Smile Makeover?

Advanced Dental Health is a full-service dental practice in Baltimore County. We combine art, science, and technology to create beautiful, long-lasting smiles. We understand that creating a beautiful smile takes precision, time, and expertise. Visit our dental practice to explore your treatment options and get one step closer to the smile of your dreams. To schedule an appointment, call (410) 656-2278 or request an appointment online.