What is Bioclear Dental Treatment?

Have you noticed gaps between your teeth that look like small black triangles? BioClear can help.

A dental black triangle occurs when the space between two teeth is not completely filled by gum tissue. BioClear is a revolutionary process that can eliminate black triangles by adding structure to the teeth. This treatment option is a more cost-effective and conservative approach to dental veneers and other cosmetic treatments that closes gaps between teeth. The dentists at Advanced Dental Health in Hunt Valley, MD provide BioClear restorations to patients who require a cosmetic restoration.

Treat Black Dental Triangles Cockeysville, MD dentist

Benefits of BioClear

BioClear treatment helps patients in multiple areas. BioClear:

  • Preserves much more of the natural tooth structure
  • Can be completed in one office visit
  • Blends seamlessly with the existing teeth
  • Can be used along with Invisalign treatment
  • Is cost-effective for many patients
  • Does not require tooth preparation
  • Offers durability following treatment

If you are interested in what BioClear can do for your smile, call our office at (410) 656-2278. Our dentists will consult with you to determine if this solution fits your needs.

Treatment with BioClear

BioClear restoration can be used to replace traditional dental veneers, dental crowns, and dental fillings. For patients with an inadequate amount of bone structure, you may not be an ideal candidate for BioClear. The BioClear technique utilizes an injectable composite resin that quickly adheres to the surface of the tooth. The resin closes gaps between teeth, realigns crooked teeth, addresses chips, and is color-matched to blend in with your existing smile.

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