Holistic Dentistry Hunt Valley, MD

Take a more natural, holistic approach to your dental care.

At Advanced Dental Health in Hunt Valley, we provide dentistry that is not only focused on the health of teeth and gums, but we also provide dentistry that is geared towards the health and wellness of the body. Our Baltimore County dentist office is equipped with the latest dental technology and advanced materials needed to address the needs of our patients. We work with you on an individual basis to build and execute a treatment that is tailored to your dental needs. We incorporate holistic dentistry practices into our state-of-the-art dental facility to deliver exceptional dental care to those in need.

holistic dentistry in hunt valley md

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry, or bio-compatible dentistry, is a philosophy in dental care that is centered around enhancing both the oral and overall health. By utilizing conservative methods to address dental issues, holistic dentistry seeks to put minimal stress on the body and promote its natural healing response. Instead of solely focusing on treating a patient’s symptoms, with holistic practices we aim to identify the root cause of symptoms and treat patients with their overall wellness in mind.

To promote better health and overall wellness, holistic dental care focuses on these key principles:

  • Prevention and treatment of bite problems, as it often leads to physical imbalances
  • Therapy and prevention of gum disease to reduce the effects of inflammation throughout the body
  • Healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition to help promote overall wellness
  • Incorporating safe, non-toxic materials in treatment plants to help reduce toxins in the body

Through this revolutionary approach to dental care, patients can rest assured that our team is committed to helping them achieve optimal oral health and overall wellness.

The Oral Health Body Connection

The condition of your dental health is crucial to your overall wellness. The oral cavity is the gateway to the body, so when it is out of sync your overall health can suffer. For instance, studies have linked the bacteria from gum disease to serious health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and Alzheimer’s: these conditions arise when harmful bacteria spreads from the mouth through the bloodstream to other areas of the body. The health of your mouth is interwoven with the function of some of the major organs in the body, so taking the proper steps to improve your dental health is beneficial in the long run.

Enjoy The Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry can benefit patients from all walks of life. By taking a more conservative approach to dentistry, increasing the use of biocompatible dental materials, and building treatment plans focused on overall wellness, patients can get one step closer to better health. Many patients who seek holistic dental care practices suffer from chronic conditions or have acute sensitivities or allergies. A dental office that incorporates holistic methods can build treatment plan specific to the needs of the patients versus just taking a “one size fits all” approach to treatment planning.

Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

  • It is centered around your body’s total wellness
  • Results in personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs
  • Promotes optimal oral health and well being

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Our team of dentists at Advanced Dental Health are dedicated to helping you improve your overall health and wellness through safe, conservative dental methods. We believe the mouth is the gateway to the body, so keeping it is optimal condition is imperative to your overall health. Through holistic dentistry, we take a proactive approach to your dental care to give you a smile that is not only beautiful but durable, too.

To learn more about how holistic dentistry can benefit you, schedule a visit to our Baltimore County dentist office. To schedule an appointment, call (410) 656-2278 or request an appointment online.